• This article is to list down scope for Drag, Drop & Upload Files to Amazon S3 : Amazon S3 to Salesforce Sync : Add-On.


  • On upload of file in Amazon S3 (from non-salesforce sources), sync that file (link) to Salesforce. 
  • Actual file will not be synched, only link to the file will be created in Salesforce. This will provide view/download file option in Salesforce itself without need to navigate or login into Amazon S3.
  • This process will be real-time and no manual intervention will be required. 


  • On upload of file in Amazon S3, sync that file to Salesforce
  • Amazon Web Service (including S3) will be configured in your Amazon (AWS) account

  • Every file synced to Salesforce will be set with permissions private

  • This add-on will be provided as managed app.
  • This add-on managed app will be installed after installing Drag, Drop & Upload Files to Amazon S3  AppExchange app. 


  • Please contact-us by Email or Skype (jain.chirag) for Pricing details.