To display additional standard/custom fields on your form, you have to follow Step - 1 to Step - 4 on the About Update Client Details tab. 

  • Step-1: Configure Field Sets - In this step, add the fields you want to display in the form into the AccountDetails and ContactDetails fieldset.

  • Step-2: Configure Intermediate Object - In this step, you need to create the same fields in the Account Update object which you added in the Account fieldset of Step-1.

  • Step-3: Mapping the fields of the Account & Contact object and Contact Update & Account Update objectIn this step, you need to map the fields of the fieldset with the fields you created in Step-2.

  • Step-4: Configure the Guest User Site

Note - If you have already performed this step-4, you just need to go and provide the read, edit permissions to the newly added fields on the Contact Update and Account Update object and the ones you added in the "AccountDetails" and "ContactDetails" fieldset.