To display additional standard/custom fields on your form, you have to follow Step-1 to Step-4 on the About Update Client Details tab. 

  • Step-1: Configure Field Sets - In this step, add the fields you want to display in the form into the ContactDetails fieldset.

  • Step-2: Configure Intermediate Object - In this step, you need to create the same fields in the Contact Update object which you added in the Contact fieldset of Step-1.

  • Step-3: Mapping the fields of Contact and Contact Update objectIn this step, you need to map the fields of the Contact fieldset with the fields you created in Step-2.

  • Step-4: Configure the Guest User Site


Note - If you have already performed this step-4, you just need to go and provide the read, edit permissions to the newly added fields on the Contact Update object and the ones you added in the fieldset.