You can create a dynamic Upload button URL by simply passing relevant URL parameters with values in it.

Following example shows the dynamic URL for Account Object: 

  1. Go to setup and choose your object. Eg: Setup -> Object -> Account 
  2. Select buttons, links, and actions and click on the New button or link option.
  3. Provide Label to the newly created button, Display type Detail page button, Behaviour with option Display in existing window with the sidebar.
  4. Add the formula to the section : 
  5. /apex/DragDropToCloud__DragDropUploader?parent_id={!Account.Id}&newBucket={!bucket_name}&newFolder=001-account/{!SUBSTITUTE(Account.Name," ", "")}/:Name

  6. Generic button URL Formula:  
  7. /apex/DragDropToCloud__DragDropUploader?parent_id={!Object.Id}&accesslevel=private&newBucket={!bucket_name}&newFolder=001-object/{!SUBSTITUTE(Object.Name," ", "")}/:Name

  8. Click on save. (Note: Need to add the button on page layout )
  9. newBucket - use this URL parameter to set default bucket
  10. newFolder - use this URL parameter to set default folder name
  11. accesslevel - use this URL parameter to set the default access level


  1. Bucket, folder & access level selection settings must be enabled on the settings page in order to use these parameters.
  2. Bucket selection will be available from version 2.7