Yes, there is an alternative way to use the update page as an inline page instead of a button. 

Users can create a new Visualforce page with a standard controller with iframe code as follows & add it as an Inline page on the respective page layout.

Following example shows the inline page for Contact Object: 

  • Create a visualforce page and provide the name.
  • Add the following code and hit the save.
<apex:page showHeader="false" sidebar="false"  title="Upload Cloud Documents" tabStyle="DragDropToCloud__Cloud_Documents__c" standardStylesheets="false" docType="html-5.0" standardController="Contact">
    <apex:iframe src="/apex/DragDropToCloud__DragDropUploader?id={!}&isdtp=mn"/> 

You can further customize the page with the default bucket, folder name, or access type pre-selected by adding the following URL parameters in iframe URL:

  • newBucket - use this URL parameter to set default bucket
  • newFolder - use this URL parameter to set default folder name
  • accesslevel - use this URL parameter to set the default access level

Resultant URL looks like - /apex/DragDropToCloud__DragDropUploader?id={!}&isdtp=mn&newBucket={bucket_name}&newFolder={folder_name}&accesslevel=private


  1. bucket, folder & access level selection settings must be enabled on the settings page in order to use these parameters. 
  2. Bucket selection will be available from version 2.7