1. Go to the About One Click Update Tab --> Click on Step 1 

2. Click on Select Field(s) Button and Select required fields from Available Fileds and move to Selected Fields Then Click on Save & Close Button.

3. Click on Step 2 and Select object --> generated code --> copy on VisualForce page --> create a visualforce page inline on the required object's page layouts. 

4. Follow the below steps to add a Visualforce page inline on page layouts.

  • Go to Setup > Customize > Account > Page Layouts.

  • Customize the desired page layout

  • Drag the empty section to the layout (select 1 column layout) and then drag (step 2 created) the visualforce page into this new section.

  • Set the height of the section to the desired height, based on the number of fields selected for One Click Update. 

  • Click Save