Using this feature, the Cloud Document records can be related to multiple other objects using a lookup relationship.

  • For example, user can configure this app to show Cloud Document records in Account’s related list (Parent Object), when a file is uploaded from the Contact’s record (Child object). 
  • In this way, Cloud Document records are accessible from both the Contact (Child object) as well as from the Account (Parent Object).

Steps to configure the Lookup Manager feature:

  • Go to the About Drag Drop & Upload to Amazon S3 Tab, Under the Additional Features Click on the Lookup Manager Feature.
  • It will redirect to the New Window like the below screen, Here click on the New Button.
  • Fill all fields and as mentioned in the below Screenshot and click on the Save Button
  • Now the record is created, Enable the "When above mentioned settings are added enable this feature" Toggle

Example - In the following screenshot, you can check the user uploaded the file on the Contact record and in the related Account record we can get the exact record details because we used the Lookup Manager feature for this object.


Contact Record Screenshot - 

Account Record Screenshot -