• Do you have a Mass File Download app license assigned? Please make sure your user is assigned a license for the Mass File Download app.


  • Does your profile have a Mass File Download app assigned? Please make sure the custom app settingsMass File Download Visible is checked, which means that the app permissions will be updated in the user profile, and the app will appear in both the classic and lightning UI.


  • Go to the desired profile and click on the object permission.
  • Search for "About Mass File Download" and "Mass File Download".
  • Make both of them visible/default on.


Do your profiles have API-enabled permission? Please follow the below steps:

APIs can be enabled in two ways:

  1. Profiles: Go to Setup -> Manage Users and click on Profiles -> 
    Edit Administrative Permission -> Select the API Enable checkbox->Save
  1.  Permission sets:
    Go to Setup ->Manage Users -> Permission Sets -> Select the permission set you're updating -> Go to the system and click System Permission -> Edit -> Check the API Enable box -> Save


  • Do you have permission for the object "Excluded Object" that comes with the "Mass File Download" package (MFD)? Please make sure the users have View All and Modify All access to this object.
  • Go to the profile, click object permissions, and search for "Excluded Object" and select the checkboxes.
  • Also, make sure users have access to all fields on Excluded Object


  • Make sure that you have access to the custom setting download files.MassFileDownloadConfig.
    • Go to your profile and search for Custom setting definitions.
    • Enable the "download files.MassFileDownloadConfig." and hit the save button.
  • The assigned profile must also have the system permission "View All Custom Settings". If it is not present, add it via permission set and assign it to the user with the Mass File Download License.


  • Make sure that the permission set/profile has access to the below 3 visual force pages.
    • DownloadFiles.MassFileDownload
    • DownloadFiles.DownloadPageForLightning
    • DownloadFiles.AboutPage

If you are unable to download your "Files & Attachments", then look for the possible fixes/recommendations below.

  1. Make sure that the file you are trying to download/search for has access to the user. Check for the sharing type of files. Refer to the doc for details:
  1. We do display the cause of the error on the screen. If you are not getting any errors on the screen and have also not been able to download the files, feel free to contact our support.